Léa Seydoux by Michelangelo Di Battista for the February 2014 issue of Vogue Italia.

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Raf Simons SS14

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Jil Sander S/S 2012

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Before the availability of the tape recorder and during the 1950s, when vinyl was scarce, people in the Soviet Union began making records of banned Western music on discarded x-rays. With the help of a special device, banned bootlegged jazz and rock ‘n’ roll records were “pressed” on thick radiographs salvaged from hospital waste bins and then cut into discs of 23-25 centimeters in diameter. “They would cut the X-ray into a crude circle with manicure scissors and use a cigarette to burn a hole,” says author Anya von Bremzen. “You’d have Elvis on the lungs, Duke Ellington on Aunt Masha’s brain scan — forbidden Western music captured on the interiors of Soviet citizens.”

the money i’d give for one of these..

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Omar OrtizLeap of Faith, 2013 | Oil on linen

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topshop unique fall 2014

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Spanish Torero, John Singer Sargent, in Gardner Museum, Boston

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Shu Pei Qin and Ming Xi giggling whilst being photographed at the Grand Palais after Chanel.
Photographed by Giacomo Cabrini

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